Trilateral Mechanisms

Promoting peace and co-prosperity among
China, Japan, and the Republic of Korea


With the amalgamation of traditional and modern, rich culture of food, arts and beautiful scenery, China, Japan and the ROK are popular destinations for traveling. As a result of interconnectedness of the three countries, international people-to-people exchanges are prevalent with travels for business, studies, and leisure. 

Recognizing the importance of tourism cooperation, the three governments established the Trilateral Tourism Ministers’ Meeting (TTMM) in 2006 to further strengthen and institutionalize cooperation in tourism among the three countries. At the 7th Meeting, a goal was set to achieve 30 million people-to-people exchange amongst the three countries by 2020. With efforts by the three parties, the goal was met early in 2018. The three governments also launched the “Visit East Asia Campaign”, which is a joint regional tourism project to attract the visitors from the regions beyond East Asia. The TCS keeps close contact with the three relevant ministries for the further enhancement of mutual collaboration under the TTMM.