CJK Youth Exchange Programs Since 2010 with the Initiative from Gunpo City Linyi City - Atsugi City - Gunpo City
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Gunpo, Gyeonggi (Korea) initiated a trilateral youth exchange program with Linyi, Shandong (China), and Atsugi, Kanagawa (Japan) in 2010, a program which continues until today. At the time of the commencement of the exchange program, Gunpo had sister/friendship relations with both Linyi and Atsugi, since 2008 and 2005 respectively.

Gunpo runs an annual exchange program in which it sends and invites youths to and from Linyi and Atsugi. When Gunpo dispatches its youth to the other cities, the program is a bilateral one, yet when Gunpo invites youth from Linyi and Atsugi, the program is run as a trilateral exchange program through the International Youth Festival where youths from the three cities gather together. The exchange program run by Gunpo is a good example that shows trilateral exchange among three CJK cities is possible even with the absence of sister/friendship relation among the three cities.

Since 2010: “International Youth Festival” Hosted by Gunpo
In July 2010, Gunpo hosted the first Gunpo International Youth Festival where youths from Linyi, Atsugi, and Gunpo participated. The detailed programs run at the festival are: (1) three-night homestay program for Chinese and Japanese students at the homes of the partner student from Gunpo (2) a one-night camp for everybody and the ‘arena of unity’ (3) meeting with the Mayor of Gunpo and the Chairman of Gunpo City Council (4) Korean language sessions, cultural experiences including K-Pop, traditional etiquettes, pottery, and field trips. Moreover, Gunpo regularized a program in which middle to high school students interested in Chinese or Japanese language are recruited and given chances to visit Linyi (in August) and Atsugi (In July the next year) after the festival.

Events :

No. Date Participating Country
1st July 23-29, 2010 China, Japan, and Korea
2nd July 21-20, 2011 China, Japan, and Korea
3rd July 20-30, 2012 China, Japan, Korea, and Russia (Ussuriysk)
4th July 22-28, 2013 China, Japan, Korea, and Russia (Ussuriysk)
5th July 25-30, 2016 China, Japan, and Korea
6th July 25-31, 2017 CChina, Japan, and Korea
7th July 23-29, 2018 China, Japan, and Korea
8th July 20-25, 2019 China and Japan
9th 2022 [tentative] TBD
  • 2019 Gunpo International Youth Festival K-Pop Dance Class
    (Source: Gunpo City)