EVENT Trilateral Entrepreneurs Forum 2021 (Closed) 2021.06.10
The Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (TCS) will host the Trilateral Entrepreneurs Forum 2021 on June 10 (Thur.), 2021 in an online format, supported by the China Chamber of International Commerce (CCOIC), Keidanren and Federation of Korean Industries (FKI). The theme of this year’s forum is “Business Innovation for Active Ageing Societies: Transforming Challenges into Opportunities”. 

Population ageing and low birthrate are the common challenges shared by China, Japan and the ROK that exert a great impact on the sustainability of socio-economy in each country. This year’s Forum will bring together prominent experts and entrepreneurs from China, Japan and the ROK to discuss the role and potential of business in response to ageing society, as well as to present innovative business models in the three countries. 

Trilateral Entrepreneurs Forum is TCS’s annual event that provides platform to connect, communicate and share innovative ideas in business sectors, as well as to promote cross-border business cooperation among the three countries. This year’s forum will be held as part of the TCS 10th Anniversary Symposium Series. 

◆Forum Official Website and Registration: tef2021.org