Mechanisms 1st Trilateral Sports Ministers Meeting in Pyeongchang, ROK 2016.09.22 ~ 2016.09.23
1st Trilateral Sports Ministers Meeting was convened in Pyeongchang, ROK, from September 22 to 23, 2016. The meeting was presided by Ms. CHO Yoon Sun, the newly appointed Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Korea with the participation of Mr. MATSUNO Hirokazu, Minister of Education,Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan, and Mr. LIU Peng, Minister of General Administration of Sport of China. Delegation from TCS headed by DSG LEE Jong-Heon joined the ministerial meeting as an observer, and DSG Lee delivered a remark during the press conference. 

During the meeting, the three ministers discussed the issues of achieving peace and prosperity in the Northeast Asian region through sports and interaction between the field of sports, economy, culture and tourism. The ministers particularly emphasized the significance of making joint efforts for the successful organization of the Olympic to be held in Pyeongchang, Tokyo and Beijing and for regulating doping incidents during sport games. After the meeting, the three ministers signed the “2016 Pyeongchang Declaration of the 1st Trilateral Sports Ministers Meeting” concerning cooperation and information sharing for the consecutive organization of Olympics and Paralympic games, exchange on regulatory efforts regarding doping in sports, and regularization of the Trilateral Sports Ministers Meeting. 

At the press conference held after the ministerial meeting, DSG Lee shared a remark to congratulate the successful organization of the 1st Trilateral Sports Ministers Meeting and to underline the significance of the trilateral cooperation in the field of sports. DSG Lee also noted that the relevant trilateral cooperation efforts in sports is expected have positive impact on the mutual understanding between the people of the three countries. 

As a side event to the ministerial meeting, Trilateral Sports Ministers Meeting Expert Forum was hosted by ROK Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Korea Sport Industry Association, and Korea Sports Promotion Foundation. The three ministers attended the event and respectively delivered opening remarks. 

The 2nd Trilateral Sports Ministers Meeting will be convened in Japan in 2018, as the Japanese delegation suggested holding the meeting on a biannual basis.

▲1st Trilateral Sports Ministers Meeting in progress

DSG LEE Jong-Heon attending the meeting as an observer

▲Three ministers signed the Pyeongchang Joint Declaration

▲DSG Lee delivering a remark at the press conference