TC Activities Opening Ceremony of 2017 East Asian Cultural Cities in Kyoto, Japan 2017.02.18

On February 18, 2017, the TCS delegation headed by the Deputy Secretary-General UMEZAWA Akima attended the Opening Ceremony of 2017 East Asian Cultural Cities (EACCs) held in Kyoto, Japan which celebrates the starting of diverse cultural events and exchanges among Kyoto (Japan), Changsha (China), and Daegu (ROK) throughout the year.

The Kyoto Opening Ceremony was held under the joint slogan of the 2017 EACCs, ‘Pounding East Asia.’ It was attended by the representatives of the three Cities including Mayor KADOKAWA Daisaku of Kyoto, Deputy Mayor CHEN Zhong of Changsha, and Mayor KWON Young-jin of Daegu.

The Ceremony demonstrated fascinating combination of traditional and contemporary arts of the three Cities, including Kyoto’s ‘noh play – TAMURA-’, Changsha’s traditional dance and music performances, and Daegu’s musical & opera gala concert as well as Samulnori & B-boy performance.

The TCS delegation at the Opening Ceremony met the representatives of the 2017 EACCs respectively and exchanged opinions on the future collaboration between the TCS and 2017 EACCs to enhance cultural and people-to-people exchange among the three countries.

East Asian Cultural Cities is a trilateral initiative designed to practice the idea of ‘East Asian spirit, cultural exchange and convergence, and appreciation of other cultures’ with respect to cultural diversity among the three countries. Since 2014, three countries have designated one city in each as the EACC every year at the Trilateral Culture Ministers’ Meeting. The three designated cities not only carry out a variety of events concerning their modern and traditional culture & arts as well as wide ranging life-style but also engage in trilateral cultural exchanges that fosters mutual understanding and friendship among the three countries.

East Asian Cultural Cities from 2014 to 2017 
2014: Yokohama of Japan, Quanzhou of China, Gwangju of the ROK 
2015: Qingdao of China, Cheongju of the ROK, Niigata of Japan 
2016: Jeju of the ROK, Nara of Japan, Ningbo of China 
2017: Kyoto of Japan, Changsha of China, Daegu of the ROK 
(Order follows the chair country order of the Trilateral Culture Ministers’ Meeting) 
Opening Session 
Cultural Performance of the 2017 EACCs