TC Activities Poetry Beauty of CJK – CCEA Influencer Tour 2024 Cultural Salon was Held in Chengdu, China 2024.04.29
On April 29, 2024, the East Asia Cultural Salon was jointly held by the Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (TCS) and Foreign Affairs Office of Chengdu People’s Municipal Government in DU Fu Cottage, Chengdu, under the theme of “the Poetry Beauty of CJK (诗话中日韩)”. Around 50 people attended the Salon, including TCS Deputy Secretary-General ZUSHI Shuji, and Mr. WANG Guangliang, Deputy Director of Chengdu People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries. 9 influencers invited by TCS from China, Japan and Korea participated in the CCEA Social Media Influencers Tour 2024 addressed at the Salon. 

▲Group Photo of the Cultural Salon 

During the Cultural Salon, Deputy Director General WANG Guangliang warmly welcomed the delegation for visiting Chengdu. He hoped that the delegation would be able to experience the charm of the Cultural City of East Asia during their trip to Chengdu, while also fostering stronger bonds of friendship among China, Japan and Korea as close neighbors. 

▲Deputy Director General WANG Guangliang Delivering Remarks 

Deputy Secretary General ZUSHI Shuji showed his appreciation to Chengdu for its strong support of TCS’ program and welcomed the influencers for sparing their time to join the tour. The primary objective of the event was to promote friendly exchanges among the three countries through the visit to the CCEA, and during the three-day trip, he already sensed that this goal had been achieved. He looked forward to the influencers’ reflections and sharing from their three-day tour. 

▲Deputy Secretary General ZUSHI Shuji Delivering Remarks 

The Cultural Salon was followed by the influencers sharing their personal experience during their stays in Chengdu. They spoke highly of Chengdu’s natural scenery, humanistic landscape and specialties, and agreed with the shared cultural values of “harmony in diversity” and “harmony in coexistence,” which have been cultivated by the exchanges among the people of the three countries over thousands of years. 

The LI sisters who introduce Chinese culture in Japanese on social media, expressed their amazement at Chengdu's captivating charm and its intimate atmosphere. They highlighted the city's rich food culture, Three Kingdoms heritage and pandas as particularly attractive for Japanese tourists. Japanese contents creator YAMASHITA Tomohiro expressed his enthusiasm for showcasing Chengdu’s merits to Japanese netizens. Additionally, Korean influencer Park Dae-il who currently lives in Chengdu, showed his willingness to promote Chengdu’s cuisine to a broader international audience. 

▲Contents Creator YAMASHITA Tomohiro sharing his experiences 

Following this, the influencers jointly wrote the ancient poem “Spring Night Joyful Rain (春夜喜雨)” by DU Fu, onto a traditional Chinese scroll using Chinese, Japanese and Korean scripts, leaving a beautiful testament to their friendship. 

▲Co-writing Chinese ancient poem “Spring Night Joyful Rain (春夜喜雨)” by DU Fu 

During their stay in Chengdu, the delegation visited the Chengdu World Horticultural Expo 2024, Wuhou Shrine, Jinli Ancient Street, Memory of the Eastern Suburbs, Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, and experienced the “Night Cruise on the Jinjiang River”, which are the representative attractions of Chengdu as the Cultural City of East Asia. 

The ‘Cultural City of East Asia’ Social Media Influencer Tour was initiated by TCS in 2023, aiming to enhance the connection between the CCEA cities and further promote the brand of CCEA. This year, the destinations of the tour are Chengdu (China), Shizuoka (Japan) and Gwangju (ROK).