Others TCS Consultative Board Paid a Courtesy Call on Agency for Cultural Affairs 2023.11.20
On November 20, 2023, TCS Secretary-General LEE Hee-sup, Deputy Secretary- General ZUSHI Shuji and Deputy Secretary-General YAN Liang (collectively the 7th “Consultative Board”) paid a courtesy call to Mr. GODA Tetsuo, Deputy Commissioner for Cultural Affairs. 

SG LEE highly spoke of the Agency’s contributions to trilateral cooperation and stated that TCS is willing to proactively provide the necessary support to promote cultural exchanges, with special focus on local government exchange scheme such as Culture City of East Asia (CCEA). In this regard, SG LEE wished to strengthen communication with relevant stakeholders to further develop existing programmes. 

Deputy Commissioner GODA welcomed the TCS delegation and expressed respect for implementing a wide range of projects not limited to the field of culture. He stated that culture is important for all people to live a dignified life and requested consistent support from TCS to enhance trilateral cultural exchanges. The two sides agreed to continue exploring potential collaboration opportunities. 

▲ Group Photo 

▲ Discussion at the Agency for Cultural Affairs