TC Activities Korean Culture Cities of East Asia Networking Event in Gwangju 2023.05.17 ~ 2023.05.19

On May 17-19, 2023, TCS delegation participated in the 1st Korean Culture Cities of East Asia (CCEA) Networking Event in Gwangju, ROK. The event was hosted by Asia Culture City Forum(ACCF) Gwangju City and representatives from previous CCEA cities, such as Cheongju, Jeonju and Jeju participated. Gwangju chosen to be the first CCEA city when the project was launched in 2014 by the Cultural Ministries of the three countries.


In the Networking Seminar, Gwangju city introduced their 10-year experience of exchanges with Chinese and Japanese cities. The participants actively shared challenges, needs and future prospects of trilateral local government cooperation in the culture and arts field. TCS also introduced its activities in partnership with local governments, including the CCEA Media and Internet Celebrity Tour held in April 2023. The participants welcomed TCS contributions and hoped that network among the CCEA cities could be strengthened further through various means as the CCEA celebrates its 10th anniversary.


▲Group photo of delegations from the CCEA cities


▲Networking seminar