Others Visit of students from Kobe University and Korea University 2023.03.06
On 6 March 2023, a student delegation from Kobe University and Korea University paid a study visit to TCS. The delegation was headed by Prof. NAKAHARA Masato, Assistant Professor of the Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies of Kobe University. 

Secretary-General OU Boqian warmly welcomed the students, briefed recent developments of TCS projects especially in the youth exchange and cultural area, and encouraged the students to join its newly established Trilateral Youth Exchange Network. She also emphasised that TCS plays a significant bridging role between the governments and the civil society, where its multi-layered cooperation covers almost all areas related to people’s lives. 

TCS programme officers introduced how the five mandates of TCS are implemented in each department in various forms of projects. Students actively asked questions about project implementation and stakeholder engagement at TCS, skillsets required as a programme officer, and career development in the international filed. 

Kobe University and Korea University are part of the CAMPUS Asia Program, a university exchange system launched by the Ministries of Education in 2011. Tasked by the Ministries, TCS contributes to strengthen the CAMPUS Asia Alumni Network (CAAN) and conduct annual workshops among alumni. 

▲SG OU delivering welcome remarks 

Group Photo