TC Activities CAMPUS Asia Alumni Workshop 2023 Held in Japan 2023.02.12
On February 12, 2023, Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (hereinafter referred to as "TCS") held the CAMPUS Asia Alumni Workshop in Tokyo, Japan. This is the first edition of such held under the framework of “Trilateral Youth Exchange Networks” newly launched by TCS on February 10, 2023. Themed “Tackle and Design: Community & Solutions”, the workshop consists of sessions including lecture, group discussion and Q&A. a total of 35 offline and online participants residing in China, Japan, the Republic of Korea (hereinafter referred to as “ROK”), and ASEAN countries attended the workshop. 

In lecturing session, Professor XIANG Yong from Institute for Cultural Industries of Peking University, Ms. DENO Noriko from Studio-L, and Associate Professor CHANG Ikjoon from Design Research Institue of Chiba University shared the best practices of China, Japan and ROK on community revitalization. Citing the Baima Huatian (白马花田) project in remote area of Shichuan, China, Professor XIANG Yong showcased how cultural contents could stimulate local economic growth and sustainable socio development. Touching upon the common communal challenge of low birth rate and high level of aging society, Ms. DENO Noriko suggested inclusive solutions to empower the community to a vigorous one by maximizing efforts from all walks of life. Introducing the successful story of Korean company “Bear Better”, Professor CHANG Ikjoon suggested that even small amount of additional efforts to business methodology could make big leap to enable disabilities. 

Participants had abundant interactions with lecturers and TCS staff during group discussion and Q&A session. Each participant identified the existing risks in the belonging community as well as the common challenges among the three countries including unemployment, unbalanced development in urban and remote areas, as well as low fertility and aging population. Concurred with each other that inclusiveness would be the core to revitalize communities, they explored the potential solutions to address the aforesaid risks and challenges. 

In his remarks, TCS Director LI Guanyu introduced the organizational efforts to provide more opportunities to CAMPUS Asia alumni for their career development. He encouraged the alumni to take their advantages of being studying and living in all the three countries to make continued and concerted efforts for a friendly and future-oriented Trilateral Cooperation. 

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