Others Meeting with the ROK Ministry of Foreign Affairs 2023.01.12

On January 12, 2023, the TCS delegation headed by Secretary-General OU Boqian (SG OU) paid a courtesy call to Deputy Minister of Political Affairs CHOI Young-sam of the ROK Ministry of Foreign Affairs (ROK MOFA) to exchange views on the direction of trilateral cooperation this year. 

SG OU expressed gratitude for the ROK MOFA’s continued support and highlighted the achievements of the TCS in the past year. She emphasized that despite the hardships brought about by the ongoing pandemic, the TCS was able to carry out 120 vigorous activities, including new initiatives in 2022, owing to the support of the three governments of China, Japan, and the ROK. She also shared with Deputy Minister about the upcoming events and planned activities this year and requested ROK MOFA’s support and cooperation. 

Deputy Minister CHOI appreciated and congratulated the efforts made by the TCS and expressed his support for the TCS and its activities. He emphasized the strong will of the ROK government to resume the trilateral dialogues and strengthen cooperation. He requested support from the TCS to facilitate communication among the Ministries. 

After the meeting with the Deputy Minister, SG OU met with the Director-General of the Northeast Asian Affairs Bureau, Mr. CHOI Yong-jun, and shared the achievements of the TCS in 2022 as well as its plans for 2023. SG OU expressed her hope that the progress of trilateral consultative mechanisms would soon be back on track when the pandemic situation improves and TCS will stand ready to provide support. 

Director-General CHOI agreed that the most crucial task for trilateral cooperation is to strengthen the consultative mechanisms and reiterated the ROK MOFA’s strong will to resume trilateral dialogues this year. SG OU and Director-General CHOI agreed to keep close communication and reaffirmed each organization’s full support of each other.