Others TCS Consultative Board met with Amb. IWATANI Shigeo, 2nd TCS Secretary-General, and Parliamentarian MATSUKAWA Rui, former Deputy-Secretary General of the 1st Consultative Board 2022.10.07
On October 7, TCS Secretary-General Amb. OU Boqian and Deputy Secretaries-General BEK Bum-hym and SAKATA Natsuko (the “Consultative Board”) had a meeting with Amb. IWATANI Shigeo, 2nd TCS Secretary-General and Parliamentarian MATSUKAWA Rui, former TCS Deputy Secretary-General of 1st Consultative Board. 

TCS has invested efforts into building up well-connected relationships with alumni who have participated in past TCS programs, but also placed importance to maintaining close cooperation with former TCS board members and staff. The Consultative Board, appreciating both Amb. IWATANI and Parliamentarian MATSUKAWA for their contribution to development of the TCS at its early stage and their continued support, updated them on recent progress of TCS including internal management as well as strengthened youth-exchange and PR activities, and received warm encouragement to further promote future-oriented trilateral cooperation. SG OU sought their continued support and close engagement with TCS. 

▲Group Photo: (From Left to Right) TCS DSG SAKATA Natsuko, Parliamentarian MATSUKAWA Rui, TCS SG Amb. OU Boqian, Amb. IWATANI Shigeo, and TCS DSG BEK Bum-hym