Others TCS Consultative Board Paid a Courtesy Call on ROK Minister for Health and Welfare 2021.11.24
On November 24, 2021, TCS Secretary-General OU Boqian, Deputy Secretary-General BEK Bum-hym and Deputy Secretary-General SAKATA Natsuko (collectively as the “Consultative Board”) paid a courtesy call on Mr. KWON Deok Cheol, Minister for Health and Welfare, at the Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOHW) at Government Complex Sejong. Both sides exchanged views on the progress and prospect of trilateral cooperation in the field of health and welfare. 

SG OU expressed sincere gratitude for all the efforts made by the Ministry during COVID-19 pandemic for the safety and health of people residing in Korea. SG OU also noted with appreciation that, with the Ministry’s support, the TCS was able to keep contributing in the health and welfare area as a facilitator on mechanisms for follow-up measures, adding that the TCS would continue to seek ways to provide more substantial contributions to consultative mechanisms. Furthermore, SG OU shared the relevant projects and activities in the areas where TCS places high importance, such as COVID-19 pandemic and ageing society. She also underlined the ongoing efforts made by the TCS in establishing TCS Statistics Hub. To better promote these initiatives, she asked for the continuous support and guidance from the MOHW. 

Minister KWON congratulated the 6th Consultative Board’s assumption of the office and expressed his high expectations for the Board to achieve various milestones for trilateral cooperation during the term. The minister also mentioned the 14th Tripartite Health Ministers’ Meeting held in December 21 and sought TCS’s further support for the successful event. He additionally sought TCS’s support for the 9th Population Policy Forum to be held in December 9, by stressing the importance of the topic covered in the forum for all three countries, such as low fertility rate and employment opportunity of the aged population. He marked that the three countries’ cooperation will play even more significant role in the world during the COVID-19 pandemic and expressed expectation for three governments’ joint contribution to the efforts made by WHO currently aiming towards fair distribution of vaccines and kits. 

▲ TCS Consultative Board and ROK Minister of Health and Welfare 

▲Minister KWON Deok Cheol and SG OU Boqian