Mechanisms 8th Trilateral Culture Ministers’ Meeting in Jeju, ROK 2016.08.27 ~ 2016.08.28

The 8th Trilateral Culture Ministers’ Meeting was held in Jeju, ROK on August 28, 2016. The Meeting was presided by Mr. KIM Jong Deok, Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Korea with the participation of Mr. MATSUNO Hirokazu, Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan, and Mr. DING Wei, Vice Minister of Culture of China. Delegation of the Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (TCS) led by Deputy Secretary-General Dr. UMEZAWA Akima attended the Meeting as an observer.

At the Meeting, the three Ministers acknowledged that the trilateral cooperation expanded cultural exchange, accelerated mutual understanding, and promoted understanding of socio-cultural tolerance and values among the three countries. Calling for more active efforts and cooperation for furthering trilateral cultural exchange and reinforcing solidarity, the Ministers discussed measures to upgrade current cooperative projects and to promote new initiatives. The Ministers also signed the “2016 Jeju Declaration of the 8th Trilateral Culture Ministers’ Meeting” which stipulates series of decisions to promote culture & arts exchange, cooperation among East Asian Cultural Cities, exchanges among cultural institutions and artists, cooperation for joint cultural event during the Olympic and Paralympic Games around the three countries, and preservation of cultural heritage.

At the press conference after the Meeting, DSG UMEZAWA introduced TCS’ major achievements for supporting the implementation of the 2016 East Asian Cultural Cities Program including the General Information Portal, Trilateral Ensemble Exchange, and Jeju Forum session on East Asian Cultural Cities. In addition, Daegu of ROK, Kyoto of Japan, and Changsha of China were designated as 2017 East Asian Cultural Cities.

On August 27, the Trilateral Arts Festival, one of the key cooperative projects of the Trilateral Culture Ministers’ Meeting was held as the side event. It featured convergence of different art forms and technologies of the three countries, including dance and theatrical performances utilizing media arts as well as joint music performance of symphony orchestra and traditional instruments of the three countries.

The next meeting will be convened in Kyoto, Japan 2017. 

▲ 8th Trilateral Culture Ministers’ Meeting on Progress

▲ Remarks by DSG UMEZAWA Akima at the Press Conference

▲ Group Photo of the Ministers and the Representatives of the 2017 East Asian Cultural Cities

▲ Trilateral Arts Festival