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Seminar & Forum TCS Attended Trilateral Youth Exchanges of Busan Sister Cities Youth Camp and 2014 NAYF 2014.08.06

The Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (TCS) attended two trilateral youth exchanges in Busan and Tongyoung, ROK from August 4 to 6. TCS representatives participated in “Busan Sister Cities Youth Camp” on August 4 and delivered a lecture on trilateral cooperation. This 6-day event from August 3 to 8 aimed to foster the understanding and cooperation among local cities of the three countries by sharing thoughts and experiences of the youths. The event gathered students from Busan as well as its sister cities in China (Beijing, Chongqing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Tianjin and Xi’an) and Japan (Nagasaki, Shimonoseki, Osaka and Fukuoka). 

During August 5 and 6, TCS representatives visited Tongyoung where “2014 Northeast Asia Youth Forum (NAYF)” was held. This year’s forum from August 1 to 8 featured on maritime issues including ocean economy and marine environment protection. The representatives introduced TCS through the lecture and participated as a judge for the student presentation competition. At the closing ceremony of the NAYF, TCS awarded prize of excellence to three outstanding students from China, Japan and Korea. 

NAYF Student Presentation

Awarding Ceremony 

Group Photo