Others Trilateral Science and Technology Expert Dialogue held in TCS 2015.08.21

The TCS organized a track 2 Trilateral Science and Technology (S&T) Expert Dialogue on August 21, 2015 in Seoul, ROK. It provided an opportunity for networking of experts in the three countries and to explore possible agendas for trilateral science and technology cooperation. 

Experts emphasized the importance of trilateral cooperation and networking among scientists, and suggested various ideas for the future cooperation. Experts also appreciated TCS’ initiative and requested TCS to organize regular dialogue and continuously support by bridging experts’ opinions to the three governments. 

TCS Secretary-General Mr. IWATANI Shigeo stressed his hope that with the strong momentum on Trilateral Summit, resumption of Trilateral Ministerial Meeting on S&T can bring impetus on further enhancement of the cooperation and TCS stands ready for providing any kind of support to this end. TCS Deputy Secretary-General Mr. LEE Jong-heon highlighted that in “Trilateral Cooperation VISION 2020”, the three countries agreed to enhance the cooperation in science and innovation, to strengthen the competitiveness of the industrial technology, to address the common regional and global issues and to explore ways of contributing to the long-term goal of developing an East Asia community. He sincerely hoped that TCS can use the Dialogue as a starting step to continuously support this goal. 

Group photo