Others Secretary-General YANG Houlan Visited Bundang Senior Welfare Center, Seongnam City, ROK 2016.02.17
On February 17, 2016, Secretary-General YANG Houlan visited Bundang Senior Welfare Center, Seongnam City. SG YANG delivered a speech about the progress of trilateral cooperation and the importance of public diplomacy during the course of trilateral cooperation, for the students attending the Chinese language course at the Senior Welfare Center, most of whom were retired high-level officials of Korean governments. 

After the speech, he had a meeting with KIM Manyoon, Director-General of Korea-China Friendship Association of Seongnam City, and LEE Jeongwoo, Director of Center, on the topic of the senior welfare policies of Seongnam City and the ROK-China cooperation on the relevant issues. SG emphasized on the importance of dealing with ageing population in ROK, China and also in Japan, and affirmed that TCS would continuously try to expand the scope of trilateral cooperation into senior welfare and other important social issues.