TC Activities TCS holds a luncheon meeting with CJK public employees 2016.06.09
The Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (TCS) held a luncheon meeting with nine intermediary managers from China, Japan and the ROK at the Government Complex-Seoul. The meeting, which was part of the 9th Joint Training Program for Young/Mid-level Public Employees organized by the Ministry of Personnel Management, was designed to introduce the trilateral cooperation in the field of personnel exchange. Deputy Secretary-General, Dr. UMEZAWA Akima and Chief of Socio-Culture Officer, Ms. JANG Eun Young attended the meeting. 

Dr. UMEZAWA briefed the participants on the current progress of the trilateral cooperation and its activities in the field of personnel exchange, which was followed by discussions and Q&A sessions. 

Dr. UMEZAWA introduces trilateral cooperation and its achievements 


 Dr. UMEZAWA discusses with participants 


Group Photo of the meeting