Others Secretary-General YANG Houlan’s Meeting with XIAO Shengfeng, Mayor of Dalian City, China 2016.06.07
Secretary-General YANG Houlan traveled on June 7 to Dalian, China, where he met with XIAO Shengfeng, Mayor of the city, to discuss Dalian’s further engagement in trilateral cooperation. LU Lin, Deputy Mayor of Dalian, YU Tao, Foreign Affairs Office of Dalian Municipal Government, and TAN Tian, Director of Management and Coordination of TCS, also attended the meeting. 

Mayor XIAO said that Dalian is one of the Chinese local governments which have the closest relations with Japan and South Korea. Today, Japan and South Korea have built more than 7,300 businesses in Dalian, their cumulative investment amounts to 27 billion USD, and the amount of bilateral trade with Dalian reaches 170 billion and 50 billion USD respectively. In the future, Dalian expects to further strengthen its relationships with these two countries, to build feasible platforms for more effective use of resources of the three countries, and to promote friendships between the three countries. Among these, circular economic cooperation is one of most important cooperative areas as a common interest of the three countries. Dalian will continuously promote relevant projects, expecting support from the TCS in promoting more participation from Japan and South Korea for the development of the China-Japan-South Korea Circular Economic Demonstration Base. Dalian hopes that the TCS plays a role as a bridge between local governments and Japan, and also with South Korea, and expresses that it will faithfully carry out missions assigned by the TCS. 

SG YANG emphasized that Dalian has efficient experience, will, and conditions for cooperation with Japan and South Korea. Especially based on its geographical advantage, Dalian has been actively involved in cooperation with the two countries, making remarkable achievements. He called on Dalian to grab this timely opportunity from the rapid development of trilateral cooperation and bring out its strengths to promote further cooperation, especially with respect to circular economy cooperation. The TCS will provide full support to its relevant work in needed.