Others Secretary-General YANG Houlan’s Visit to the Model Base for China-Japan- Korea Circular Economy in Zhuanghe 2016.06.06
On June 6, 2016, Secretary-General YANG Houlan visited the Model Base for China-Japan-South Korea Circular Economy in Zhuanghe, one of three cities under Dalian City’s jurisdiction in China. His visit was accompanied by LIU Fang, Vice Director-General of Foreign Affairs Office of Dalian Municipal Government, JIANG Chunmei, Director of Asian Affairs Division of Dalian Municipal Government, and TAN Tian, Director of Management and Coordination of the TCS. 

During the meeting with officials from Zhuanghe Municipal Government, SG YANG was informed of the development of Zhuanghe City from SUN Hong, Secretary of Zhuanghe Committee of the Community Party of China. Secretary SUN expressed that with great support from Liaoning Provincial Government and Dalian Municipal Government, Zhuanghe Government has been focused on building the Model Base for China-Japan-South Korea Circular Economy, promoting a new model of industrial development with a focus on circular economy. In the future, Zhuanghe expects to strengthen communication with the central governments of Japan and South Korea, facilitate cooperation with local governments of the two countries, attracting their support for more increased trade and investment to Zhuanghe. He hoped to gain the TCS’ support for these relevant efforts. 

SG YANG expressed his favorable impressions for the circular economic model base, encouraged Zhuanghe to keep up with development of trilateral cooperation. He emphasized that Zhuanghe should deepen its cooperation with Japan and South Korea and set up the model base well, with close cooperation with the two countries based on its localized merits. The TCS will provide full support to Zhuanghe on relevant issues and welcome Secretary SUN’s visit to the TCS at a time which is convenient to him. 

During his visit, SG YANG also traveled to Zhuanghe Port, Dalian Recycling Industry Economic Zone, Zhuanghe University Town, Dalian National Eco-industrial Demonstration Zone, etc.