TC Activities 2016 Young Ambassador Program (YAP) 2016.08.01 ~ 2016.08.12


The Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (TCS) successfully organized the 4th Young Ambassador Program (YAP) from August 1 to 12 in Seoul and Jeju, ROK. The YAP is a 2-week program that offers a range of opportunities for highly motivated and competent youth of China, Japan, and the ROK to enhance understanding of trilateral cooperation and to foster a sense of community and friendship among the future leaders of the three countries.


This year, the YAP was joined by 16 highly qualified undergraduate and graduate students of the three countries. The program consisted of lectures on the major fields of trilateral cooperation: history and development, political affairs, economic cooperation, and social issues, as well as briefings by each department of the TCS to help enhance the participants’ understanding of the functions and activities of the TCS. The participants also paid visits to government agencies (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the ROK, Chinese and Japanese Embassies, Jeju Provincial Government), international organizations (UNESCAP, UNISDR, ASEAN-Korea Centre, EU Delegation to the ROK), think-tanks (ASAN Institute of Foreign Policies), and engaged in team projects as well as cultural activities.

YAP2016 Overview:


1. Purpose of the Program

   - to increase awareness of trilateral cooperation and to promote mutual understanding among the future leaders of China, Japan, and the    ROK 

2. Program duration 

   - August 1 (Mon) – August 12 (Fri), 2 weeks 

3. Participants 

   - 16 undergraduate/graduate students 

   - CJK nationals 

4. Major Activities 

   - Lectures 

      Politics: Dr. CHOI Jong Kun, Professor of Political Science and International Studies of Yonsei University 

      Society: Mr. KIM Kyung Joon, writer of CJK Youth Report of Hankuk Ilbo 

      Economy: Dr. AHN Dukgeun, Professor of International Trade Law and Policy of Seoul National University 

   - Visits 

      Governmental Organizations: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the ROK, the Embassy of China, the Embassy of Japan, Jeju Provincial    Government 

      International Organizations: UNESCAP, UNISDR, European Union Delegation to the ROK, ASEAN-Korea Centre 

      Think-tank: ASAN Institute of Foreign Affairs 

    - Research & Presentation team project on common issues of the three countries 

      Team 1: Overcoming Misperception in Security Cooperation of CJK 

      Team 2: Comparison of Education System among CJK 

      Team 3: Overcoming Hyper-nationalism, towards Cooperation 

    - Cultural Tour 

      Team building through cooking experience 

      NANTA nonverbal performance 

      Cultural tour to Jeju Island 


The TCS will continue to hold the YAP in the future to promote trilateral cooperation and strengthen the friendship among the youth of the three countries.