Others TCS Annual Reception 2016 in Observance of the 5th Anniversary 2016.09.01
The Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (TCS) hosted its Annual Reception 2016 in observance of the 5th Anniversary at the Four Seasons Hotel in Seoul on September 1, 2016. The Reception was honoured by the attendance of the former Prime Minister of the ROK, H.E. LEE Hong-Koo, the former Prime Minister, H.E. GOH Kun, the Assistant Secretary of the ROK MOFA, Mr. KIM Hyoung-Zhin, the Ambassador of the Japanese Embassy, Mr. NAGAMINE Yasumasa, the Charge d’Affair of the Chinese Embassy, Ms. HAO Xiaofei, and the first Secretary-General of the TCS, Amb. SHIN Bong-Kil. Over 300 participants including diplomats to the ROK, governmental officials, and representatives from media and academia joined in this memorable ceremony. 

H.E. LEE Hong-Koo, the former Prime Minister of the ROK, highly recognized the contribution made by the TCS for the past five years, and laid great emphasis on the collective wisdom and joint efforts among the three countries which are indispensable for achieving more extensive development. As the hub of the trilateral cooperation, the TCS has provided strong support for the cooperation in various fields, especially in promoting environmental, educational, cultural, economic and financial cooperations. H.E. LEE has always paid close attention to the trilateral cooperation as the consultant of the Northeast Asia Trilateral Forum. He hoped that the TCS would make greater contribution to building an Asian Community having China, Japan and the ROK as the center.

Mr. KIM Hyoung-Zhin, the Assistant Secretary of the ROK MOFA, expressed his appreciation of the efforts and contributions made by the SG YANG Houlan for the trilateral cooperation. He highlighted that the three countries possess limitless potential with the total population and GDPs make up almost 20 percent of the entire world. The establishment of the TCS is destined to materialize the vision of the three leaders of making full use of the potential of the Northeast Asian region in the form of trilateral cooperation. Nowadays, the TCS has grown into an active international organization, extensively engaged in different kinds of governmental consultative mechanisms and promoting various cooperative projects. While acknowledging the accomplishments of the TCS, he expected its further development in the next five years. 

SG YANG Houlan reviewed the progress and achievement of the TCS during the past five years, and expressed his sincere gratitude to the whole community for their enormous support for the trilateral cooperation and the TCS. He stressed that in spite of the possible challenges, the China-Japan-ROK trilateral cooperation possesses huge opportunity and potential. Keeping its own responsibility and the expectation from all the people in mind, the TCS will make greater efforts in pushing forward the trilateral cooperation.