Mechanisms 3rd Trilateral Cyber Policy Consultation held in Tokyo, Japan 2017.02.10
The 3rd Trilateral Cyber Policy Consultation was held on 10 February 2017 in Tokyo, Japan. Mr. MIZUSHIMA Koichi, Ambassador in charge of Cyber Policy of the Japanese Foreign Ministry, Mr. LONG Zhou, Coordinator for Cyber Affairs of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, and Mr. SHIN Maengho, Ambassador for International Security of the ROK Foreign Ministry attended the meeting. Representatives from relevant ministries and agencies also participated, and the TCS delegation was present in the meeting as an observer. 

The three countries exchanged overviews of recent situation in the cyber domain as well as the respective cyber security strategies and policies of the three countries. They also discussed international cyber issues including the United Nations Group of Governmental Experts (UNGGE) and measures for CBMs and capacity-building. Furthermore, possible areas for future cooperation among the three countries were explored. 

The three countries shared the view that it is important to continue strengthening trilateral cooperation with regard to cyber security under the framework of the Trilateral Cyber Policy Consultation.