Culture City of East Asia Media & Internet Celebrities Tour
April 19, 2023 ~ April 28, 2023

▣ Culture City of East Asia Media & Internet Celebrities Tour 2023 The TCS launched its CCEA Media and Internet Celebrities Tour, aiming to facilitate continuous exchanges among the cities, even after the year of designation. This initiative engaged media and online influencers from the three countries to explore cultural and historical characteristics (such as historical/contemporary architectures, cuisine, folk art, etc.) of each city and promote their friendly ties. In 2023, Yangzhou(China), Nara(Japan), and Gyeongju(Korea) were the destinations of the tour. 


On April 19-28, Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat, together with the governments of Yangzhou, Nara and Gyeongju, organized the “Culture City of East Asia” Media and Internet Celebrities Tour, inviting culture celebrities, journalists and internet influencers of the three countries to visit the three cities. In the last stop of Yangzhou, the participants visited various sites including the Slender West Lake, Grand Canal Museum, Jianzhen Memorial Hall and CHOE Chi-won Memorial Hall. Mr. WANG Jinjian, Party Secretary of CPC Yangzhou Committee, received the delegation. The East Asia Culture Symposium held in Yangzhou is the closing event of the Tour.