2023 Trilateral Youth Summit Recap Video (Chengdu Part)
August 20, 2023
On August 20, the 2023 Trilateral Youth Summit (TYS) closing ceremony was held in Chengdu, China. The program was organized by the Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (TCS) and co-organized by the China Foreign Affairs University and Foreign Affairs Office of Chengdu Municipal Government, under the theme of "Embrace Shared-Future". About 100 undergraduate and graduate students from the three countries hosted the Model Trilateral Summit. JIANG Bin, DirectorGeneral of the Foreign Affairs Office of Chengdu, LEE Kwang Ho, Consul General of the ROK in Chengdu, and TAKADA Mari, Consul General of Japan in Chongqing observed the Summit and delivered remarks. 

At the closing ceremony, TCS Secretary-General Amb. OU Boqian said this is another international youth exchange event held in Chengdu within two weeks since the closure of the 31st World University Games on August 8th. She congratulated all the young leaders for successfully conducting this remarkable Model Trilateral Summit Meeting and adopting an inspiring Joint statement, which makes strong voices for enhanced Trilateral Cooperation among the three neighboring countries. Through the program, she said she believed the younger generations have developed their own strengths and wisdom, and she encouraged them to uphold shared values and continue to engage in Trilateral Cooperation with their own contributions. 

LEE Kwang Ho, Consul General of the ROK in Chengdu, said in his remarks that he was impressed by the energy, creativity, passion, and leadership the young leaders have showcased during this Model Trilateral Summit. He said the TYS program can serve as a cornerstone for future collaborations and foster connections among young leaders. 

TAKADA Mari, Consul General of Japan in Chongqing, said she was very happy to see face-to-face gatherings after COVID-19. While participating in the Model Trilateral Summit, she was delighted to listen to students’ lively discussions on a wide range of regional and global issues. She shared her opinion on diplomacy and hoped that young leaders have made good friends through the program. 

JIANG Bin, Director-General of the Foreign Affairs Office of Chengdu, said that young leaders from the three countries gathered in Chengdu and left unforgettable memories. He welcomed students to go around and experience the beauty and diversity of the city by themselves. 

The 10-day-long TYS program was held in Beijing and Chengdu. During the program in Chengdu from August 17 to 21, besides being busy preparing for the Model Trilateral Summit, the students also visited the Wuhou Shrine, Jinli Ancient Street, Jinsha Site Museum, Du Fu Thatched Cottage, as well as the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in Dujiangyan City. 

At the Model Trilateral Summit that was held on August 20, the student delegations of China, Japan, the ROK and the TCS engaged in extensive discussions on cooperation in cultural tourism, education, sports, healthcare, and other areas among the three countries. Following the Summit, the "Joint Statement of 2023 Trilateral Youth Summit” was issued. 

The TYS program was established in 2014 to promote mutual understanding and build friendship among the youth from the three countries. Every year, the venue of TYS is rotated among China, Japan and the ROK. 

▲2023 Trilateral Youth Summit 

▲TCS Secretary-General Amb. OU Boqian delivers remarks 

▲LEE Kwang Ho, Consul General of the ROK in Chengdu, delievers remarks 

▲TAKADA Mari, Consul General of Japan in Chongqing, delivers remarks 

▲JIANG Bin, Director-General of the Foreign Affairs Office of Chengdu, delivers remarks 

▲SG Ou announces the best team 

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