Others Japanese Parliamentarians Visited TCS 2023.01.16

On January 16, the delegation of Japanese Parliamentarians paid a visit to TCS and exchanged views with Deputy Secretary-General SAKATA Natsuko. The delegation consists of Mr. SHIOZAKI Akihisa, Ms. MATSUKAWA Rui, former TCS Deputy Secretary-General of the 1st Consultative Board, Mr. KANDA Junichi, and Mr. ARAI Yutaka.


DSG SAKATA welcomed the delegation and introduced the development of TCS and trilateral cooperation including ministerial meetings, emphasizing the upgraded role of TCS for its next decade. Furthermore, DSG SAKATA shared the upcoming TCS programs including the TYEN Launch Event (Feb. 10), Young Ambassador Program (Feb. 7 to Feb. 21), 2nd Trilateral Youth Speech Contest Finals (Feb. 10), CJK Local City Exchange, Trilateral Statistics Hub, and newly released TCVD Chit Chat Videos.


The delegation was impressed with the aspirations and energies among young TCS staff, and each of them provided the staff with words of encouragement. 


Group Photo: (From left to right in the back row) The second person from the left: Parliamentarian KANDA Junichi, Parliamentarian MATSUKAWA Rui, Parliamentarian SHIOZAKI Akihisa, Parliamentarian ARAI Yutaka