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[TCS] Special Lecture on Public Diplomacy and Trilateral Cooperation in Northeast Asia – 2019.05.07 2019.05.07




Secretary-General LEE Jong-heon delivered a special lecture at Korea University on May 7, 2019, under the theme of “Public Diplomacy and Trilateral Cooperation in Northeast Asia.” During the lecture, he introduced various perspectives on the concept of public diplomacy and shared his views on the importance of finding the common denominator in the relevant policies of the three countries. He also underlined the significance of further promoting the role of the TCS, particularly, with regard to raising public understanding on the trilateral cooperation and providing support for “good diplomacy” between the three governments.


The lecture was followed by a Q&A session where SG LEE discussed with the students about a potential stumbling block to the promotion of public diplomacy and the ways to overcome them in the future. Through these efforts, he noted with anticipation that the progress and achievements of trilateral cooperation will be better communicated to the people of the three countries.



▲Graduate Class on ‘Public Diplomacy - Theories and Practices’



▲Special Lecture by Secretary-General Lee Jong-heon