TRILATERAL COOPERATIONExploring cooperative activities and promoting
understanding of trilateral cooperation



Northeast Asia has one of the most dynamic security environments in the world particularly with the presence of Korean Peninsula and underlying tension fueled by recurring geopolitical competition. There are also new types of security issues that have emerged in the recent years in both regional and global fronts which transcend national borders in terms of their effects and require multilateral cooperation. Northeast Asian region is not an exception to this trend, as it has been facing unprecedented challenges including terrorism, cyber security, just to name a few.

The TCS has continued to expand its presence in the trilateral consultations concerning diverse security issues and demonstrated its commitment to further support the follow-up measures agreed among the Parties. In FY2016, the TCS participated in the Trilateral Counter-Terrorism Consultation and Trilateral Cyber Policy Consultation for the first time, which will help the TCS to be better informed about relevant policies of respective country and best practices that may provide a reference in setting the direction for future cooperation.

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